Raptors painting


If you are planning to add a new color to your commercial property, it is important for you to find the right contractor to do the job. No matter how great your shade choice is, even a beautiful shade cannot do much to enhance the beauty of your property, if the paint finish is not good. So it is better to start the project before anything else by finding a good and skilled contractor. In this quest you will meet many contractors who will give you the same level of services but will not be impressed by their words. Their veracity has to be checked. Here are some questions you can ask your contractor that will point you in the right direction on this project

1. Ask the contractor for his license

Hiring a licensed industrial painting contractor is very important as the license speaks volumes about their competencies. Don’t hesitate to ask about the contractor’s license and verify it if necessary. Another thing to keep in mind when choosing a contractor for Painting Company Toronto services is that there are variations in licenses, for example some licenses are specifically for residential or commercial properties. You can find more information about such license policies on the web.

2. Does the contractor have insurance

Though it may sound strange to many, but having proper insurance is a must in this business. You should not forget that the contractor will be working in your home or commercial building and therefore it is important to have at least some sort of protection in case accidents happen during the project.

3. Ask if you’ll get a warranty or guarantee

A company that carefully goes through each and every step of painting and is confident in their ability to do the job, will always stand by their service. Reputable companies usually offer warranties of one to three years. You need to make sure that the warranty covers both materials and labor. Get the details of the exclusion and try to get everything in writing.

4. What materials and techniques will be used

Always make sure that the contractor you choose is willing to use high quality materials and get written assurances from him. Low quality material is unable to give you a long term solution for your property. Additionally, ask your contractors to inform you about the industrial painting method they will use for this project.


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